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  • Serving All of <br>Southwest Florida
    Serving All of
    Southwest Florida
  • Commercial <br>& Residential
    & Residential
  • Construction Sites & Debris
    Construction Sites & Debris

Proudly Serving All of Southwest Florida

Helping property managers, storage facilities, realtors, and construction companies get rid of junk quickly and cost-effectively! Not only do we help commercial clients, but we also work with residential customers to remove any kind of junk they throw our way!

Property Clean Up

Thorough removal of debris, junk, and unwanted items from properties


Clearing out unwanted items from retail stores and warehouses

Garbage Clean Up

Efficient removal of garbage and waste from various locations

Foreclosure Clean-Outs

Removal of belongings and debris from foreclosed properties

Eviction & Tenant Clean-Outs

Respectful removal of tenant belongings and debris after evictions

Furniture Pick Up

Convenient pickup and disposal of old furniture items

Demolition Clean Up

Safe removal of debris and waste from demolition or construction

Appliance Pick Up

Appliance disposal for refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers

Yard Debris (Trash Everywhere)

Cleanup of yards and outdoor spaces littered with debris and trash

Store Clean-Outs

Removal of excess inventory, fixtures, and debris from retail stores

Estate Clean-Outs

Compassionate removal of belongings, and unwanted items

Hot-Tub Haul Away

Professional removal and disposal of bulky hot tubs and spas

How Much Does it cost?

Junk-It-Quick doesn't play games when it comes to pricing our junk hauling service. In fact, once you do the math, you'll find that Junk-It-Quick is one of the cheapest junk removal companies in Southwest Florida.
We offer 10% off for all seniors and veterans.
Minimum load size (size of refrigerator-single item): $150

1/4 Load


1/2 Load


3/4 Load


Full Load


Why choose us?

No Junk Hauling Job is Too Big or Too Small

The Lowest Prices Around

Don’t be fooled by the price that comes with a smaller trailer!

Same Day Service

In most cases, we’ll haul your junk away the same day!

Responsive Communication

We offer 20% OFF if we don’t respond to you in 30 minutes or less.

Before and After cleanup garage

Get Your Junk Gone NOW

We are Southwest Florida’s Fast, Responsive, and Professional Junk Removers. We work with residential and commercial customers to help them remove any kind of junk they throw our way! No job is too big or too small, call us today for a free on-site, no-obligation quote!

Before and after cleanup

Your Junk Removal Specialists

How does it work?

You contact us through a phone call, our website, or our convenient questionnaire.

After understanding your removal needs, we provide you with a transparent and competitive price estimate for the service based on factors like the volume and type of waste.

Our team schedules a convenient time, arrives at your location, and efficiently hauls away your garbage, ensuring a clean and hassle-free process for you.

Don't Be Fooled By
Other Junk Haulers' Quotes!

I bet you weren’t aware that a lot of our competitors use smaller junk hauling trailers (6x10x5) and therefore their quotes look like the cheaper option, but take a look below and find out why Junk-It-Quick is the cheaper option in most cases!

Junk-It-Quick doesn’t play games when it comes to pricing our junk hauling service. Once you do the math, you’ll find that Junk-It-Quick is one of the cheapest junk removal companies in Southwest Florida.
Look at the example below to see how much more you could save by using Junk-It-Quick instead of our higher-priced junk removal competitors.

Pile of garbage outdoors

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Junk-It-Quick is by far the cheaper choice by $0.20 per cubic foot in most cases! And if you are planning on getting MULTIPLE HAULS, you could be spending hundreds of dollars more!